Missouri Senate District 16



Tara Anura

for Missouri Senate



Tara Anura


"If you believe that shelter, food, water, education, and healthcare are human rights.

People come before massive corporate or military profits.

Racism is systemic. None are equal until all are equal. Welcome.

With joy and fierce boundaries, we are the compassion rebellion.

Make good trouble."


Universal Healthcare


We have the right to make private reproductive choices with our doctors without including local politicians. 


We need a system of guaranteed healthcare that prioritizes the well being of Americans over the profits of insurance companies and their billionaire executives. 



Education is the backbone of democracy. Fully fund public schools to provide safe buildings, trade, music and art classes, and fair teacher pay.

Diversity and Equity


Diverse culture, ethnicity, religion, relationships and abilities makes America stronger. Equity is freedom from bias or favoritism.

Honoring our Service Members, Veterans and their Families

From recruitment to retirement, our service members and families deserve rapid access to all their benefits including physical and mental healthcare. 

Tara is a life-long Missourian raised in the Ozarks and Southeast Missouri by a family of

military service members who love the outdoors. 


She spent many summers with siblings and cousins on her grandparent's land in Piedmont.

From an early age, she went hunting, fishing, camping, and river floating.


Tara has Turner Syndrome a rare condition that only occurs in 2,500 female births.

She's struggled with her chronic illness and has listened to many other disabled

Missourians. She understands that universal healthcare and strong social systems are needed

for every American to survive. That's why she volunteered with Missouri Healthcare for All

from 2019 to 2020 to collect signatures and get Medicaid expansion on the ballot then passed.

During Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign, she went to Iowa and then trained volunteers

in  Rolla who talked with residents about universal healthcare. 


In the summer of 2020 when people lifted the voices of Black lives, she attended a march in St. Louis.

She brought back that energy and worked with a group of Rolla residents to organize the

Justice for George Floyd march and Juneteenth Celebration.


Tara is a  graduate of Missouri public schools including Southeast Missouri State University. 

She believes that education from pre-k to trade school is fundamental to democracy.

Tara has worked in Veteran's Services, restaurants, and public education.

Her poems and essays have been published in books. Currently, she lives in Rolla, Missouri.